Creating $WAVES Scarcity Driving Value & Protocol Finance On Waves Network

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. The DApp mints STAW tokens, when anyone lockes WAVES at defined Ppy.

Token Info


Asset Name



0.01 STAW
Initial Supply




Via dApp

0.01 STAW
0.01 STAW
Stake Resrv (64.82% APY)
0.001 STAW
Proposed ILO Supp.

10% Per dApp Mint

Dev. Incent

Minter's Calculator

Contract Minting Rate (Mr) = 0.00000001 STAW per milliseconds at defined Ppy(s).
Daily Timestamp (Dt) = 86,400,000 Ms/Day
➝ MF (Minting Formulae) = {(Dt*Mr)/Ppy}*CW
Note: Scarcity Factor (Sf) is the unlocking period in timestamps, measured in days after the Ppy... i.e. Sf = Ed.


Creating ➝ $WAVES Scarcity...

Scarcity Dapp - Prototype

Coming Soon...


Conception of the Protocol - Q2, '21
Brainstoming, Idea Sampling & Testing, COY Registration (BFI FARMS LTD) & Team Development 90%
First MVP Dapp Release (Q3, '22)
MVP product for Staking of Custom Tokens dApp (Beta Testing) 99%
Rebrand & Governance Token - Q4, '22
Issuance of STAW, Voting & Community Creation for $STAW.
EarlyBird Community Campaign - Q4-Q1, '23
A chance to share in Community Pool and locking
ILO - Initial liquidity Offering - Q1, '23
Sales of STAW Tokens: 100,000 STAW on PuzzleSwap
Scarcity Dapp Release - Q1, '23
Creating Waves Scarcity & Staw Minting DApp: Dapp Release on Staw.Finance
Third Dapp Release (Q3, '23)
Access Credit facility with STAW Token: Dapp Release on Staw.Finance
Growth - Q3, '23
Anything is Possible, Let create Scarcity and Grow Staw.Finance

Frequently Asked Q.

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. Anyone can mint STAW Token, when they lock WAVES in dApp contract. STAW ➝ STAked WAVES.

Just anyone can get STAW Tokens via these methods:
#1. By Minting. With Lock-staking of WAVES, anyone can mint STAW tokens. This is creating WAVES scarcity via dApp on staw.finance.
#2. By Exchange: STAW will be traded on WX.Network, any moment soon.
#3. By STAKING: Staking STAW Token is set to yield additional 56.8% APY.

Check 👉 AssetID

(Dt) - Daily Timestamp = 86,400,000 Millisecs/Day
(Mr) - Minting Rate = 0.00000001 STAW
(Cw) - Collateral Waves (min: 1 WAVES)
(Ppy) - Periodic-Lock Per Year.
Ed - Entry Days = 7 - 450 Days
Example: Ppy for 7days Entry days = {365/7} = 52.142
Sf = Scarcity Factor = Ed
Note: Scarcity Factor (Sf) is the unlocking period in timestamps, measured in days after the locking Period (Ppy)..  Sf = Ed.

MF ➝ Minting Formula for $STAW
MFSTAW = {((Dt)*(Mr))/(Ppy)}*(Cw)
Note: Every mint allocates a deduction of 20% STAW to staw.finance team.
TRY the 👉 Minter's Calculator

  • In an instance, Where WAVES is lock-staked for certain Ppy (eg. 7Days). The user is instantly minted with STAW according to the stated Ppy.
  • The WAVES🔹 is locked (in user's Wallet) for the stated 7Days (Ppy).
  • Unlocking, start for an additional 7days spread after the locking period. The WAVES is release bits per timestamp (milliseconds) and can be claimable anytime (intermittently) or at end of unlocking period.

#1. STAW creates secondary level scarcity for $WAVES
#2. As governance token, STAW is use to make DAO changes via Proposal voting.
#3. As governance token, STAW is used as Collateral for Credits (loans) facility.

DApp Assets:
#1. Waves - WAVES (Only locking purpose),
#2. Staked WAVES - STAW,
#3. Fishfactory P - XFP.

Staw.Finance is a community-served protocol, facilitating $WAVES scarcity, tokens stakes, credit facility and commodity market at defined entries.

Yes.., Provided a custom token have a staking framework, similar to STAW.FINANCE frame Work; they can request listing.
APY Range: 3.56% - 28.39% (Adjustable base on custom request)
Locking Periods: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 Days
Staking Pool Reserve: E.g; 10,000,000,000 $XFP
Est. Quota (per Yr): 1,000,000,000 $XFP

Staw.Finance is tech development of BFI FISHFACTORY LTD.

STAW is governance token of staw.finance. While, the XFP (Fishfactory P) token is commodity token of staw.finance as managed by BFI FISHFACTORY LTD.