Creating $WAVES Scarcity Driving Value & Protocol Finance On Waves Network

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. The DApp mints STAW tokens, when anyone lockes WAVES at defined Ppy.

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Token Info


Asset Name





Initial Supply
Stake Reserve
0.001 STAW
Proposed ILO Supp.

Minting Parameters

Mint Rate (Mr) = 0.00000001 STAW/Ms
Daily Timestamp (Dt) = 86,400,000 Ms/Day
Periods Per Year (Ppy) = 365/Ed ◻️ ◻️Sf = 1.5*Ed.
Wc = Collateral WAVES (1-1000)
➝ MF = {(Dt*Mr)/Ppy}*Wc
NB: ◻️MF ➝ Mint Formulae, ◻️Ed ➝ Entry Days,
◻️Sf ➝ Scarcity Factor, ◻️Ms ➝ Milliseconds.

#Gov: Mint Rate reduces by 10% at every 1 mln mint


Driving ➝ WAVES Scarcity...
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Minter's Calculator

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Scarcity Dapp - Prototype

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Conception of the Protocol - Q2, '21
Brainstoming, Idea Sampling & Testing, COY Registration (BFI FARMS LTD) & Team Development 90%
First MVP Dapp Release (Q3, '22)
MVP product for Staking of Custom Tokens dApp (Beta Testing) 99%
Rebrand & Governance Token - Q4, '22
Issuance of STAW, Voting & Community Creation for $STAW.
EarlyBird Community Campaign - Q4-Q2, '23
A chance to MINT $STAW for first 1yr...
ILO - Initial liquidity Offering - Q1, '23
Sales of STAW Tokens: 100,000 STAW on PuzzleSwap
Scarcity Dapp Release - Q1/Q2, '23
Creating Waves Scarcity & Staw Minting DApp: Dapp Release on Staw.Finance
Third Dapp Release (Q3, '23)
Access Credit facility with STAW Token: Dapp Release on Staw.Finance
Growth - Q4, '23
Anything is Possible, Let create Scarcity and Grow Staw.Finance

Frequently Asked Q.

What is Staw.Finance?

Staw.Finance is a community served protocol, facilitating waves scarcity and other defi features at defined entries.

➝ STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. Primarily, It creates secondary level-scarcity for WAVES via defi-staking.

Protocol Features?

Yes, these are defi-features that refers to Proposed Products:
◽️Scarcity dApp ◽️Staking dApp ◽️Credit dApp … and more.

How To Get STAW tokens?

A limited supply of STAW token will be sold at ILO. Afterwards, anyone can get STAW tokens via these methods:

◽️By Exchange: STAW will be traded on Puzzleswap and WX.Network dex any moment soon.
◽️ By Staking: Staking of STAW token is set to yield additional 45% APY from stake reserve. 20% of initial supply is reserved for stakers.
◽️ By Minting:
Anyone who deploy the Lock-staking feature for WAVES coin on staw.finance dApp, can mint STAW tokens. This is how scarcity is driven.
◽️ By Governance Release: This is the least means to get STAW. When a governance poll is successful, voters shares reward from the governance poll.

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Why Should I Lock-stake My Waves For STAW as Against Staking it for APY?

It's simply a CHOICE, Our goal is to create Unique SCARCITY & not COMPETITION.

◽️SWAVES.PEPE.TEAM: This platform offers the staking of WAVES option for compounded APY earnings.
     How it Works:
In an instance, If a user invest (stakes) 100 WAVES for 30 days on the pepe platform; He gets an approx. interest of ~2.38 WAVES at end of 30 days period (this is according to estimation calculator). Note, interest or profit can be more or less depending on how long a user stakes).

With this option, sWAVES token is given to the user as bond for staking on the platform. The investor must burn sWAVES to claim his initial 100 WAVES + the approximate interest at anytime.
NB: Without your sWAVES, you forfeit your WAVES, thus sWAVES is very flexible and a great service platform.


◽️STAW.FINANCE: How it Works:
If a user lock-stakes 100 WAVES for 30 entry days. The contracts mints for him a calculated amount of tokens (7.1014 STAW) instantly as REWARD according to the minting formulae for creating SCARCITY. Also, 100 StawPL is also credited to the user.
▪️ StawPL (PL ➝ Proof of Lock): StawPL is a proof of lock in-app unit which represents the amount of Collateral WAVES (Wc).
➝ Where, 1 Wc = 1 StawPL
Scarcity Factor (Sf) is the total entry days lock and unlocking period. A period of 45 days is applied in this case from contract.
➝ Where, Sf = {1.5*Ed} days.

▪️ All Collateral Waves on Staw.finance dApp contract are leased in the instance of locking (~ 3-5 milliseconds) automatically to strong and popular nodes on the waves blockchain by the contract.
▪️ Lastly, 100% of all leasing rewards are fed automatically to the STAW/WAVES/PUZZLE pool on Puzzleswap, in addition to ILO liquidity.
▪️NB: Locking on staw.finance are fixed (not flexible).

What is Lock-staking of WAVES on Staw.Finance dApp?

Herein, Lock-staking on dApp means the locking of WAVES is triggered by the deposit (lock) function and within the timestamps of 3-5 seconds, the lease (staking) function is triggered.

Hence, the contract does not hold user's deposits, because they are further leased to strong nodes on the blockchain for security of funds. The dApp performs & iterates the lock-stake function in a single transaction of 3-4 data entries. Same applies to Unlocking/Withdrawal of investment.

How To Get My Collateral Waves Back?

▪️ In an instance, where WAVES is lock-staked for certain Ppy Entry days (eg. 14 Days). The user waits until Scarcity factor begins to count down. By this, WAVES is unlocked and gradually released when user burns StawPL units, intermittently or in collative manner.

MF & Ppy: How STAW Minting Works

Dt - Daily Timestamp = 86,400,000 Ms/Day
Mr - Mint Rate = 0.00000001 STAW
Wc - Collateral Waves (min: 1 WAVES)
Ppy - Periodic-lock Per Year.
E- Entry Days = 14 - 450 Days
Ppy for 14 Entry days = {365/14} ≈ 26.071
Sf = Scarcity Factor = 1.5*Ed
Scarcity Factor is the duration of lock and unlocking of collateral Waves.
MF ➝ Mint Formula for STAW
NB: Every mint allocates a deduction of 15% STAW as Dev-Incent
TRY the 👉 Minter's Calculator

What is StawPL & Scarcity Factor?

▪️ StawPL (PL ➝ Proof of Lock): StawPL is a proof of lock in-app unit which represents the amount of Collateral WAVES (Wc). StawPL is not a token and its burnable only on dApp. In-app units shares similarity with gWX.
➝ Where, 1 Wc = 1 StawPL

 Scarcity Factor (Sf) is the total lock and unlocking period.
➝ Where, Sf = {1.5*Ed} days.
The Col. Waves (Wc) is claimable once every 24hours and intermittently during the unlocking period (i.e every 3rd-ordinal of 3-periods).

STAW Utilities

Utilities are the usage to which you can put the STAW token:
#1. STAW creates secondary level scarcity for $WAVES and its a reward token.

#2. As governance token, STAW is used to make DAO changes via Proposal voting & implementation of new concepts.

#3. As governance token, STAW is used as Collateral for Credits (loans) facility.

What is the relationship between STAW & XFP?

STAW is governance token of staw.finance. While, the XFP (Fishfactory P) token is commodity token of staw.finance as managed by BFI FISHFACTORY LTD.

Can Custom Tokens be listed to Staking dApp?

Yes.., Provided a custom token have a staking framework, similar to STAW.FINANCE frame Work; they can request listing.
APY Range: 3.56% - 28.39% (Adjustable base on custom request)
Locking Periods: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 Days
Staking Pool Reserve: E.g; 10,000,000,000 $XFP
Est. Quota (per Yr): 1,000,000,000 $XFP

Listed Tokens/Coins on dApp.

DApp Assets:
#1. Waves - WAVES
#2. Staw.Finance - STAW,
#3. Fishfactory P - XFP.